Arise Roots – Dubways


01. Colors Dub
02. One Life To Live Dub
03. Come & Get It Dub
04. Follow The Leader Dub
05. Here I Am Dub
06. Lions In The Jungle Dub
07. If You Let Me Dub
08. Selecta Dub
09. For Who You Are Dub
10. Babylon Bwoy Dub
11. Stepping Like A General Dub
12. Nice & Slow Dub
13. You Can Have It All Dub
14. Fade Away Dub

Ineffable Records

Arise Roots

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Arise Roots – Dubways Songs 01. Colors Dub02. One Life To Live Dub03. Come & Get It Dub04. Follow The Leader Dub05. Here I Am Dub06. Lions In The Jungle Dub07. If You Let Me Dub08. Selecta Dub09. For Who You Are Dub10. Babylon Bwoy Dub11. Stepping Like A General Dub12. Nice & Slow Dub13. You Can Have It
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