Da Fuchaman – From The Hills Of Jamaica

Da Fuchaman – From The Hills Of Jamaica


01. Intro
02. Africa Here We Come
03. Open Your Eyes
04. Hail Him Rastafari
05. Say What You Wanna Say feat. T. Relly
06. You Are Doing Wrong
07. Rasta Summer feat. Uri Green
08. I Am Sorry feat. Empress Talibah
09. Don’t Let Me Down feat. Celestine
10. She Is Mine feat. Jah Garvey
11. Hot Long Time feat. Fitta Warri
12. Cry No More
13. Hypocrites
14. Put Up Your Lighters
15. Bruck Out
16. Babylon Falling Remix
17. Outro

Yam & Banana Records

Da Fuchaman

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